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 171 (3321)25.10.2006
Unsportsmanlike behavior
The atmosphere of perfect secrecy

Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, said, meeting the evaluative committee of the International University Sports Federation: "I ask Kazaners to create an atmosphere in the city, which would show that we all wish our city to win... This important event would bring Tatarstan and its capital to a new level. So let us work so well that we can win". An "Evening Kazan" correspondent, inspired by the Mayors appeal, decided to work for the epoch-making victory yesterday.

What can a journalist do for it? He can tell how the committee evaluated wonderful sport arenas, ready for the Universiade-2011, and which impression its members had after watching the places of the future ones. It was planned to start the work in the city hall with a presentation of the candidate city, and then to see the city with members of the committee. Our journalist could explain our readers why Vladimir Putin is sure: no other city can organize this universiade better than Kazan, even Poznan. Well, dear readers, you have to take this statement on trust: your correspondent was not allowed to the presentation and inspection.

I wonder, what was told the committee members at the presentation, which information is hidden from the Evening Kazan" readers? May be the fact that Tatarstan is one of the leading industrial, science, and cultural centers of Russia, which takes the first place in the Federation according to its advanced stage of economical development? We have heard it already not once. May be that economical potential of the republic allows investing state money for priority social and cultural programs? They have been trying to convince us of it since long time. We want to believe that FISU representatives will leave Kazan with the best impressions of the candidate city. Yet it is impossible to understand why the organizers of the Universiade count on the citizens enthusiasm when normal citizen can not feel his participation in the victory at the beginning.

Let us imagine, that Kazan will accept the Universiade. Then:

...it takes place in Kazan on August 15-25, 2011. The opening and closing ceremony of the games will be held on the Central Stadium, Millennium Square, and the Kazanka River embankment. Competition in 13 kinds of sports will be held;

...competitions in track-and-field athletics will be organized in the Central stadium.

...basketball tournaments of men and women will take place in Basket-Hall and several training grounds of UNICS team in Vassilyevo, in UNICS Sport Center, in the sport center of the Kazan State Technological university, and in the new sport complex of the Tupolevs Kazan State Technical University. It is planned to build it within the bounds of the Federal goal-oriented program;

...football championship will be arranged in stadiums Rubin, Industrial Trainees, Tasma, Strela, Lokomotiv and the Central Stadium;

...fencers will fight in the Kazan Fair exhibition complex, which will be refurnished expressly for this purpose;

...artistic and rhythmic gymnastics will be performed in the Sport Palace;

...water polo competitions will be organized in the Orgsintez swimming pool;

...volleyball will be available in Tatneft-Arena, which can hold 10000 spectators, in the old Ice Palace, in the sport center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Mirnyi village, and in the sport complexes of Kazan state Financial and Economical University and of the Tupolev Kazan technical state university.

The general cost of Universiade can be up to 1-1.5 billion USD, including expenditures on reconstruction of the city transportation system.

The profits will be raised from of different levels budgets, sponsors, money from selling tickets, sport symbols, and other sources.

For judo competitions the Palace of Sport Combats is under construction these days, it is planned to open it next year. Brand new carting-centre Forsazh will be reequipped for table tennis. Tatarstan Tennis Centre with 14 grounds will be constructed for tennis tournament on the basis of Shamil Tarpishevs academy. There is also a ground space allotted for it and the building can start shortly.

In conclusion, the Palace of water sports, the largest sport arena for Universiade-2011, has to be built for competitions in swimming and diving.


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The atmosphere of perfect secrecy

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