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№ 5 (3363)17.01.2007
Will the Tatar language bring one to the Moscow state university?

Not only Tatar institutes of higher education have to recognize the results of the Republican unified examination in Tatar as well as the results of the unified state examination (so called EGE) in Russian. It is considered by the State Council deputies, and by the Ministry of Education and Science of The Republic of Tatarstan. The corresponding amendments to the federal bill about EGE have been moved to Moscow already.

"It is very important for us that the results of the Republican exam are convertible in the Russian Federation on the whole", - the Minister of Education and Science of RT Rais Shaikhelislamov explained to the journalist. The head of the State Council Committee for Culture, Science, Education and national affairs Razil Valeyev stressed that the ratification of the amendment about the converting of the exams in the national languages of the federation regions to the corresponding bill will not cost anything (the regions will bear the expenses of the examinations themselves), so one can be sure that the amendment will be recognized.

It has to be mentioned that the authors of the amendment tried to attach federal importance to the problem, in order that the Tatar initiative would not look like a whim of an only one region.

They wanted to show that all units if the Russian Federation, the national republics especially, also make anxious about the national schools graduates, who would like to sit for final and entrance examinations in their native languages, and then to study in Tatar (Bashkir, Chuvash, Mordvinian and so on). In fact no unified examinations take place in national languages neither in Bashkiria, nor in Chuvashia. All graduates take examinations in Russian, for Russian is the state language in the Russian Federation whatever one may say, and it means that all schoolchildren must know it.

Tatarstan is the only region where alternative examinations in Mathematic, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in Tatar language were taken at the same time with the EGE. In the year 2006 1749 graduates passed this Republican examination, and all institutes of higher education had to accept their results, as well as the results of the EGE.

- We accepted them, yet there were not many such entrants. Some of them entered the physical faculty, some of them will study geography... - Sergey Ionenko, the executive secretary of the entrance examination committee of the Kazan state university informed the "Evening Kazan" correspondent. - We can not provide these students with the education in Tatar. Some students can study Tatar as a subject, yet we can not teach Physics in Tatar. It is not real.

- I agree that it is logical to teach in Tatar, if we take exams in this language. Yet it is not so easy in practice- the executive secretary of the entrance examination committee of the Kazan agrarian university Niyaz Minullin told us. - We tried to teach some disciplines in Tatar, we had even built up extra groups for Tatar-speaking students, yet we refused soon. The sciences, including agricultural ones, are based on the Russian (and now often on the English) terminology, so agronomists and engineers, that we turn out, should know it. It was not good to sort students by their nationality too. So, all students study together in the Russian language now. Sure it is not so easy for people, who come from the country, yet they become familiar with the language during two first years of study and start studying better than students from the city. And our lecturers are always ready to help additionally

It seems that the deputies of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan did not familiarize with the experiences of Kazan institutes, for they continue to promote the idea of the Nevertheless the logic of the deputies is clear: the Tatar language is a state language, so it is used in the whole state. So, the Moscow state university has to accept the results of our regional exam as well as the results of the EGE.

There is just one problem: the Moscow state university does not accept EGE yet...



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