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№ 14 (3372)02.02.2007
Court of law
The executors of the crime are in the dock

Yesterday in the Supreme Court of Tatarstan the case about kidnapping of Rustem, the son of the editor-in-chief of the independent social and political newspaper "Evening Kazan" Khasbulat Shamsutdinov came to trial.

The public prosecutor read out conclusion to indict. All defendants spoke out on the accusations and partially admitted guilt of the kidnapping, yet they pleaded not guilty of doing it in the organized group. The victims – father and son Shamsutdinovs were also examined.

- "Why kidnapping a nineteen-year-old boy, who visits Kazan very seldom during vacation, who does not carry on any business, and does not have any foes?" - asked the editor-in-chief Khasbulat Shamsutdinov, speaking in the court. - "The only goal they could have is to put pressure upon his father, on me. And for I am not a businessman, I do not pump oil or sell gas, so the goal was to influence me like an editor-in-chief of an independent newspaper. I do not owe anything to anybody, no one owes me anything. It is clear that during 16 years of my work in the "Evening Kazan" there are hundreds of publications, which could hurt tens of unclean hands. It is important to understand that no one of the defendants did not know me personally and was not described in these publications. So they had no personal reasons to dislike me. Most of them confessed in their statements that they had not even known about my existence before. They acted of somebody else’s will".

Let us remind that five inhabitants of Tatarstan are in the dock, the head of this group was Farid Fakhrutdinov, who worked in the "Idel-Press" publishing house as a driver. According to the results of investigations he organized the kidnapping of Rustem Shamsutdinov on demand of some unknown persons, he wanted to get $100 000 for this job. According to the results of the investigation his accomplices were a security guard Valery Savinov and unemployed Dmitry Vasilyev, Sergey Trifonov, and Valery Bakov. They all have previous convictions. They were kept in the isolation ward № 1 of Kazan before the trial. The interest of Shamsutdinovs is represented by the lawyer and law analyst of the Interregional human rights association "AGORA" Ramil Akhmetgaliyev, and the lawyer Elena Gilmetdinova.

On the 21 January 2006 the group fell upon the nineteen-year-old Rustem Shamsutdinov. They knocked him off his feet, pulled on a mask on his face and tied his hands together. The malefactors pushed Rustem in a car then, which was waiting, took him to a suburb of Kazan, and attached him to a radiator in a private house. On the third day after the kidnapping Rustem took occasion as his guard was away from the house and managed to gnaw through the ropes and escape. A charge of kidnapping with a mercenary motive and dangerous for life or health physical abuse (article 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, part 3, clause "а") against five members of the organized group were brought.

They are also accused of the robbery, accomplished by an organized group of people (article 161 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, part 3, clause "а"): they took away from the kidnapped young man his watch, mobile phone, purse, clothes and even his shoes. The accused are facing the prospect of imprisonment of 20 years. Another member of the group is put on the international wanted list. Their customer is not known yet and the investigation of the separate criminal case against him was stopped in December of the past year.

The witnesses are interrogated at present time. The trial is continued today.

(According to the reports of news agencies).


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The executors of the crime are in the dock

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