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№ 161 (4121)  30 декабря 2010, четверг

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№14 (3372) [02.02.2007]
Yesterday in the Supreme Court of Tatarstan the case about kidnapping of Rustem, the son of the editor-in-chief of the independent social and political new ...

№5 (3363) [17.01.2007]
Not only Tatar institutes of higher education have to recognize the results of the Republican unified examination in Tatar as well as the results of the un ...

№202 (3352) [21.12.2006]
The Congress of enterprisers of Tatarstan took place on Wednesday. It showed th ...

№171 (3321) [25.10.2006]
Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, said, meeting the evaluative committee of the International University Sports Federation: `I ask Kazaners to create an a ...

№165 (3315) [14.10.2006]
Adventures of Africans in Russia

All Russian mass-media published the information about assault and battery of an African student in Ka ...

№159 (3309) [04.10.2006]
At a time when Russian human rights activists and members of the Public Chamber demand to legislate against books which propagate hostility and extremism, ...

№117 (3267) [22.07.2006]
Another Tatar myth is a myth about its favorable investment climate; they say that there are many investors who want to put up their money here. According ...

№115 (3265) [19.07.2006]
On the eve of 1000th Kazan anniversary a new term appeared in official language, Mintimer Shaymiyev used it at first: `streets for guests`. These are the s ...

№114 (3264) [18.07.2006]
Mintimer Shaymiyev visited Germany at the end of 2001. On the 26th of November Rudolf Kerning met us at the Dusseldorf airport. The German businessman owns ...

№113 (3263) [15.07.2006]
The `Presidential` Program of liquidation of tumbledown accommodation is another `guest from the past`, just like the gasification of villages. On the 17th ...

№111 (3261) [12.07.2006]
The contemporary history of Tatarstan is a variegated patchwork of myths and reality. Truth and fantasy are mixed so, that it is hard to distinguish one fr ...

№110 (3260) [11.07.2006]
Tatarstan’s variant of changing the Soviet economy model to the market one became an economical alchemy. Sovereignty of the Republic had to build a ground ...

№109 (3259) [08.07.2006]
Good memory and ability to remember great amount of facts helped Mintimer Shaymiyev to write a composition on the entrance examination in the agricultural ...

№108 (3258)   [07.07.2006]
Political and economical situation in Tatarstan is much safer, then in Dagestan for instance, yet it is not ideal. We have no gap between different nationa ...

№107 (3257)   [05.07.2006]
There is nothing to add to the opinion of Lev Zharzhevsky about the architectural merits of Kul Sharif mosque, who wrote that `Kremlin became a garnish to ...

№106 (3256) [04.07.2006]
The ruling elite of Tatarstan is convinced that the authority is a `Vicar of God on Earth`. They just had to convince the people of the Republic. Yet this ...

№105 (3255) [01.07.2006]
It is not a secret that the rebirth of national self-consciousness and the enthusiasm of national liberation movements in the republics of the Soviet Union ...

№103 (3253) [28.06.2006]
Nowadays, as the sovereign euphoria is far away, it becomes clear that the treaty about delimitation of authority and mutual delegation of powers was requi ...

№102 (3252) [27.06.2006]
I used to play chess with Mintimer Sharipovich. He plays leisurely, stable without fine combinations. He rarely moved the king`s pawn at the beginning of t ...

№101 (3251) [24.06.2006]
Arkady Rodygin passed away recently. He was the district`s committee secretary in the year of Shaymiyev`s election as the first secretary of Tatar district ...

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