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№ 161 (4121)  30 декабря 2010, четверг

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№99-100 (3249-3250) [23.06.2006]
The first President of Russia was guarded like the current one yesterday. According to the words of a major from an officer`s security cordon around the Vi ...

№98 (3248) [21.06.2006]
Many books have already been written about the President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiyev. It seems that his way to the heights of power was studied to a do ...

№93 (3243) [10.06.2006]
Kazan lawyers and human rights activists find that the Supreme court of the Republic of Tatarstan has recently set a dangerous precedent, remaining a deter ...

№85 (3235) [30.05.2006]
Last Saturday a conference `Socially responsible business and charity in modern Russia` took part in Kazan. The event was organized by the Business underta ...

№71 (3221) [06.05.2006]
It is hard to live in Russia, it is easy to die for it

In th ...

№69-70 (3219-3220) [05.05.2006]
Rustam Minnikhanov is going to retire. Once again it is being mentioned in the l ...

№64 (3214) [25.04.2006]
Kazan bureaucracy is going to close down a school for handicapped children, whic ...

№57 (3207) [14.04.2006]
One evening at the beginning of this month a remarkable incident happened to Mrs. Rozaliya Nurgaleyeva, the head of the newly established Department for pr ...

№55 (3205) [11.04.2006]
Moldavian and Georgian wine disappeared from most of the stores in Kazan.
According to the phoned messages from Consumer Rights Supervision (Rospotrebnad ...

№48 (3198) [31.03.2006]
A sitting of the State Council was very rich yesterday. Before the lunch break the deputies managed to examine all the questions, which were the order of t ...

№43-44 (3193-3194) [24.03.2006]
French students continue to protest. Every morning thousands students take bottles with gas mixture and stones instead of books and go marching to the stre ...

№23 (3173) [17.02.2006]
A day or two ago I saw a Hare, while I was walking with my dog, along the Kazanka river near Gorky Park. I was surprised! Yet my dog showed no surprise. Ou ...

№17 (3167) [08.02.2006]
William Burns came to Kazan for the first time after his appointment as an USA- ...

№10 (3160) [27.01.2006]
Last Tuesday the Turkish holding `Efes Pilsners` declared the purchase of the `Red East` (Krasny Vostok) brewery. Amount of transaction is $390 million. Tw ...

№01 (3151) [11.01.2006]
Yet the changes are possible!

Political scientists joined in our traditional before New Year`s ritual on the matter of political foreca ...
The last but one day of the year 2005 brought an unpleasant surprise for the hockey-team `Ak bars`. The plane `Yak-42`, by which our sportsmen came from Mo ...

№204 (3146) [27.12.2005]
Last Friday Secutity Council of Tatarstan discussed the process of the land reform in the republic. It is the second sitting of the Council where this subj ...

№203 (3145) [24.12.2005]
An old case - a new jury

For the first time in the jurisprudence of Tatarstan a sentence based on the verdict of the jury was thrown ou ...

№201 (3143) [21.12.2005]
On Friday the State council of the Republic of Tatarstan will choose the first half of the stuff of the Public Chamber of the the Republic of Tatarstan. 10 ...

№200 (3142) [20.12.2005]
Yesterday the civil panel of judges of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan partly granted the appeal of the Ministry of Finance against the judg ...

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